Safe From the Neighbors (2010)

"A satisfying, deftly constructed narrative that contemplates the difficulty with which we shed our ties to history ... [An] intricate, absorbing tale."
— Washington Post

"Yarbrough, who has been likened to Faulkner for his attention to Mississippi ... nimbly illustrates what the past can tell us about the present."
New York Times Book Review

"Yarbrough's lines can stop you in your tracks."
Florida Times-Union

"Steve Yarbrough is a masterful storyteller—one of our finest—and Safe From the Neighbors is a masterpiece."
 Jill McCorkle

"Safe From the Neighbors is a novel of unusual richness and depth, one that's as wise about the small shocks within a marriage as it is about the troubled history of Mississippi. Steve Yarbrough is a formidably talented novelist."
 Tom Perrotta

"Safe From the Neighbors does what only the best novels can do; after reading it, we can never see the world, or ourselves, in quite the same way."
 Ron Rash

"Safe From the Neighbors will take your breath away. Ambitious, funny, sad and beautifully crafted, it's everything a novel should be."
 Richard Russo