The Unmade World (2018)

"Steve Yarbrough takes us deeply into the diverse lives of characters whose fates have forced them to confront the universal truth that everything given us is temporary, and we have only so much time to live the one life given to each of us. The Unmade World is a wise, moving, and deeply compelling story of our time here in the tumultuous early years of the 21st Century." Andre Dubus III

“The Unmade World is tone perfect, skillfully constructed and consummately realized.  It's the work of an extraordinary novelist.  I'm fortunate to have read it." Richard Ford

"Steve Yarbrough is a master novelist, and this may be his finest work. Every word of The Unmade World rings true. Its settings are indelible. Its characters live and breathe. For a long time to come, I'll be pondering what this book has taught me about the human heart." Amy Greene

“This many-layered novel is a thriller, a love story, a travelogue full of richly observed scenes from Polish and American life, a morality tale replete with betrayal, remorse and lust for revenge, and a hilarious comedy. The tight control Yarbrough exercises over the ten-year span of the story kept me turning the pages and left me full of admiration.”— Colm Toibin

"Intricate and satisfying . . . the characters are compelling and the narrative steers clear of easy moralizing or predictable endings." Publishers Weekly