Visible Spirits: A Novel (2001)

"Invites comparison with Faulkner's greatest novels."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"A compelling look at moral courage ... The place, people, events, and emotions are so authentic, it's hard to believe the story is fiction."
USA Today

"A powerful tale ... A skillful interweaving of complicated relationships to family and history."
Washington Post

"Yarbrough's story, full of well-rounded characters wrestling with family secrets and sexual jealousy, is compelling throughout."
The Times of London

"Steve Yarbrough is a confident and elegant prose stylist and a storyteller who knows how empty spaces can resonate with power and meaning. It is the unspoken, the invisible and the unacknowledged that give this novel its dramatic complexity, its profound force and depth of feeling."
 David Guterson

"A powerful novel that lays the guilt down freshly in a story that's irresistible and, finally, howling to be told. True Art."
 Barry Hannah

"In clean elastic prose, Steve Yarbrough has fashioned a rich dark fable out of his Mississippi material—a fable whose moral applies as much today as it would have in the yesterday it's written about."
Kent Haruf